Just a little bit cute…me

umm william a little cute
Yeah sure there’s been some cute pics of me over the years. And yeah sure I’m a pretty good looking pussycat considering where I came from all those dark days ago on the streets.

Hell, even Will I Am admit that on occasion I’ve outdone myself in cuteness.
Anyways it’s not easy writing with paws so I’ll have to get back to a snoozy and looking super cute.

paw UTD


I spy with my little eye

Don’t work folks I can see the fu*#&r staring at me from that building. Here’s me staring back. I might be getting on in years but I’m still the Sherriff in this old town. I’m Will I Am…hear we roar and there’s gunna be a show down.

It’s not easy typing with paws.
paw UTD

The Cheery Cherry Thief

Here’s me, Will I Am, smartest cat in Leederville and probably on this planet tricking the ginger servant into giving me some cherries. Then here’s me after gobbling down said cherries and giving myself a good lick – hmmm I can taste cherries all over me. And remember it’s not easy typing with sticky cherry paws!

Will I Am
paw UTD


Post cherries



Worried about my appetite

hmmmm food 2
The servants, especially the ginger one have been getting upset that I have lost my appetite recently and lost some weight. I just don’t want to become a fat bastard like the ginger servant, so I backed off for awhile. I still luv me grub as the pics below prove. Water and fruit included. Hmmmm….and beer 🙂

William I Am
paw UTD

William not happy – strong winds and rain coming.

Sure there’s a lot of things that bug me in life.

will attacking branch

Prehistoric creatures
face off with dinosaur 1

The Ginger Servant
what was that you said will

But nothing worse than bunkering down from this wind and rain that’s about to come!
alert in cubby

Will I Am
paw UTD



The Seductive and Practical Side To William ‘St’ Wildy

Here’s me Willam ‘St’ Wildy in some of my many moods. Pose 1: A seductive look – mainly because I wanted some extra treats…or it might have been because I was pissed off with the servants for something minor. Pose 2: Showing my practical sense, lets face it I had to help the ginger servant out he had no idea. Had the problem fixed in minutes.

Oh well back to bed. It’s not easy typing with paws.
paw UTD
Will I Am

Ginger can’t hold a good conversation

Well it might not have rained today but there’s rain forecast which makes my blood boil.
You try a conversation with the ginger servant, there’s not much up top there – waste of time. In fact he makes more sense when he’s asleep.
what was that you said will
Ginger Servant: What’s That Will?
William: I was trying to explain quantam physics to the dopey ginger – as you can see – NO IDEA!

He makes more sense when he’s asleep – mind you he can’t stop blowing off during the night.

paw UTD


Happy WA Day

Got a lie in this morning for a WA Day.

And Saturday
fyou 1

And Friday
seductive william

Etc Etc Etc

Ginger servant was getting excited about the Dockers

Dockers Smockers, who gives a damn, so they beat someone I couldn’t give a rats fat.

Sometimes the ginger servant is as boring as bat-shit

Tried to have a sensible conversation with the ginger the other night. He never listens.
what was that you said will

And he’s thick as a brick, no use wasting my time with him. Boring as bat-shit.
what was that will 2

So we all might as well give it a miss. He talks more sense in his sleep BTW.
MEOW Will I Am
paw UTD

what was that will 3