Just woke up 10 minutes ago in a neighbour’s backyard. Couldn’t believe they weren’t home – I usually sleep on their nice comfy couch. Nice day outside and plenty of birds to take a pot-shot at, although I’ve had no luck securing a snack.

I know a lot of you are probably wondering why my name is William ‘Street’ I’ll keep my surname quiet as my servants like to keep it that way! My eventual servants rescued me about 4 years ago on William Street, Northbridge just before I was about to become No44 on the menu at the local Chinese restaurant.

My servants are very kind and I owe it to them for saving me from being a braised beef with stir-fried vegetables but that was awhile ago so I’m in charge now.

Anyways gotta go as I’m tired now – all that typing makes me want to take a short nap for 5 hours.



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  1. fartpants101 says:

    Geez i hope you have enough pillows William?

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