Here’s a pic of me hypnotizing the ginger servant while he scoffs down some tuna.
Hmmm Tuna, it wasn’t that hard to put a spell on old ginger-nut as his mind is relatively empty compared to my grey matter powers.

will looking at tuna

 Gotta admit I was a bit mesmerised by the tuna itself as you can see here!
It was tuna in brine which is a flavour I particularly like. Anyways, I’m doing my servant a favour as he’s trying to lose weight. I quite like helping out a fat bastard achieve their goals.

Well I got my extra grub in the end and the servant lost 0.1 grams or whatever. I hope salmon is on the menu soon cause I’m also partial to a nice bit of oven baked salmon, I prefer a crispy skin and cooked gently – not too much.

Meow William


About smudger1

I'm a black and white tabby cat with attitude and lead a pretty exciting life which consists of sleeping, chasing various things that move, which sometimes includes bits of fluff caught in the wind. I also eat a lot and like to protect my territory from rival cats, dogs and anyone else i see as a threat!

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