Hi Fans. Here’s a pic of me contemplating the plot for my great Australian novel that begins in serialisation on my blog every Friday from this week.

For the time being I’ll just make it on Fridays cause most of the time I can’t be arsed and would rather chomp down on a bird or beat up a dog twice my size. And there is the off-chance I may mistake a bit of stray fluff for a wild beast from the Amazon.

will telly zombie 2

Anyways, the pic above is me seeking a muse. The bloke on the telly was just a boring four-eyed ranger. God knows what he was talking about. Anyways I’m thinking of calling the bloke below and use him as my muse. I’ve heard he’s done alright for himself over the years. Apparently he used to be fat with red hair. Now he has a hot chick and looks younger than half his age. Hmm now there’s a source of inspiration


So join me on Friday for the beginning of the first Great Australian novel written by a cat.
Please send me your ideas for the theme of the novel in case the bloke above is no help. Then tell your friends to visit my blog to see a literature masterpiece unfold before your very cat-like eyes.

Meow William!!!


About smudger1

I'm a black and white tabby cat with attitude and lead a pretty exciting life which consists of sleeping, chasing various things that move, which sometimes includes bits of fluff caught in the wind. I also eat a lot and like to protect my territory from rival cats, dogs and anyone else i see as a threat!

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