Yeah, I know I know I haven’t been posting lately and I haven’t written the next installment of the Great Australian Novel. But I haven’t heard any up-roar from my fans, anyone would think no one is reading this blog – I mean I’m a cat that’s writing, sheez what more do you want?

hmm coffee
Pic of me zoned out, smashed, wasted on coffee. Notice my glazed eyes?

Anyways as you know sometimes I can’t be arsed but lately I’ve been off my game cause of all the coffee I’ve been drinking. I sneak down at night and knock off a few then I can’t sleep at night. That means I sleep the rest of the day…funny hey and that’s when I usually like to write. Hence the stalling of the first Great Australian Novel written by a cat.

Anyways, tune in on Friday arvo as I reckon I can slowly get off the Crack Coffee I’ve been guzzling
Mind you It will take some doing!

Meow William


About smudger1

I'm a black and white tabby cat with attitude and lead a pretty exciting life which consists of sleeping, chasing various things that move, which sometimes includes bits of fluff caught in the wind. I also eat a lot and like to protect my territory from rival cats, dogs and anyone else i see as a threat!

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