Geez Louise who turned up the heat?. It’s so bleedin hot I don’t even want to go outside!
And who stuffed up the Ozone layer? All I could manage was a 12 hour sleep in this weather. And they say there’s no Global Warming…my arse there isn’t.
will very very tired
I was so bloody hot, I had to get the ginger servant to write the blog, cause I couldn’t be arsed but I told him what to write and as my fans know ‘It’s Not Easy Typing With Paws” MEOW WILL I AM.
william hard at wk


About smudger1

I'm a black and white tabby cat with attitude and lead a pretty exciting life which consists of sleeping, chasing various things that move, which sometimes includes bits of fluff caught in the wind. I also eat a lot and like to protect my territory from rival cats, dogs and anyone else i see as a threat!

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